Still Report #800 – Doing What You Can Do for Trump

from Bill Still

Here is a letter that came in last weekend that is so encouraging, I just have to read it to you.
Mr. Still,
I have so wanted to do something to support Donald Trump, but being out here on the Far Left Coast of San Francisco it’s been pretty frustrating.
Finally I saw that there was a monthly meeting of something called the Conservative Forum and I went. I managed to find one man and another lady were there who were Trump supporters in a sea of Cruzbots and so we happily compared notes and bonded up.
As the next month’s meeting approached, the three of us decided to give setting up a Donald Trump table a try. We had discovered that although Ted Cruz has had a table at the Forum every month for many months now, no one had ever tried to set up a table for Donald Trump.
As the hour of departure approached, I knew I was sooo not ready. In the last hour I hurriedly typed up a one-page info sheet and ran off some copies. People in the Bay Area like to read, so I figured some of these info sheets would find a good home.
So off we went, Cherie Zaslawsky, Rita Bonasera, and Rick Kananen to man the Trump Table, and it turned out so well!
Many people stopped by to gather information. Cherie compiled most of the information. Many bought a $5 Trump t-shirt. A beautiful couple, Betty and Gene Sakai, had heard we were coming and so they showed up with signage.
I’m soooo glad I did this! I’d never been politically active before. Stumping for Trump in a nest of Cruzers was a last-minute idea and I was nervous about it, plus I had no materials.

But God wanted me to do it, and so, miraculously, Betty had two big banners, and there was also a man who had Trump T-shirts to sell for only $5.
Lots of people came up to our table and took literature, and the guy w/the Trump T-shirts sold quite a few.
One of my Conservative friends is in the RNC in California, and he was there, manning the Cruz table. He looked very unhappy to see me doing this. No one had brought Trump into the Conservative Forum this way before.
He asked the Conservative Forum to conduct a straw poll. The results floored me. Out of out of say 150 people, it was Cruz 80, Trump 60 and Kasich 10.
I just wanted to write a little something about our experience to encourage other Trumpsters in California to give it a try.
There are more of hiding in the weeds that you would expect. But you’ll find them if you set up a table somewhere and hang up a couple of signs.
Cherie Zaslawsky, – pictured with our table.
If anyone is in the Bay Area and wants to connect with Cherie, for their May meeting, email me at and I’ll pass it along.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good evening.