Still Report #795 – Cory Lewindowski – 1st Interview with Hannity

from Bill Still

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On Thursday night, Trump campaign manager Cory Lewindowski did his first-ever interview with Sean Hannity. This really shows the type of people Donald Trump picks to be around him.
Mr. Lewindowski says some very profound things right off the top of his head.
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Right off the bat you can see that Cory is a good man. Michelle Fields, on the other hand, is part of this covey of young, politically-active women who flutter around Washington’s so-called rising political stars, such as the junior Senator from Alberta, Canada, Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

It’s just more proof that this group feels that the ends justify any means to achieve power.
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Ya know, what is this political correctness, anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to define it? How about this: the fear of being publicly humiliated by showing you are imperfect. Let’s sit on that one for awhile.
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A thug?? You should be so lucky that the next thug you meet in a dark alley should be Cory Lewindowski.
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Did you catch that? The thought of him filing a defamation suit against Michelle was so non-existent that he just assumed that Hannity meant Michelle – as per here recent threat – filing a civil case against him. All Cory cares about is getting back to work.
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Exactly! That’s just another good fruit of Trump’s campaign. It has exposed the insidious ways the power elite at all levels of governance try to snatch away power from the people and clutch it to themselves.
It’s done in a variety of ways – Colorado’s is just one of the worst examples.
It was Teddy Roosevelt who started the populist reformation of the way we select Presidential candidates. He encouraged states to allow citizens to vote on which candidates should run in the two major parties.
This is the essence of “small D” democracy – as opposed to the goals of the current-day “big D” Democrat party.
Teddy Roosevelt saw the wisdom in pushing power down to the people, and Donald Trump does as well.

Colorado saw Trump coming and so they changed their rules – and no it wasn’t years ago; it was last October – in a blatant effort to stop Trump’s popular ground swell.
Why? Because it destroys their bribery world that political power brings.
And I’m so glad that people from around the world are now seeing – for the first time – exactly how we Americans still have to fight for our freedom.
The people of the United States now have all the world’s knowledge at their fingertips thanks to the Internet – the most democratizing force in the history of this planet!
We no longer need party bosses telling us what to do and hot to think because we used to be too ignorant to know any better.
No, in today’s world, we, the people typically know more than the party bosses.
Once Trump becomes the 45th President of these United States, a top priority must be to encourage every state to adopt voting through a presidential primary process.
Another fruit of Trump’s campaign already has been to show how corruptible the caucus process has become.
Another election reform needed is online voting. It’s not ready yet, but it’s coming. The only question is how to secure our votes, and I do not trust mega-corporations – like Microsoft – to create apps to do that.
We will need a consortium of open-source developers to create an iron-clad internet voting capability that is completely transparent so that millions of Americans can monitor it to be sure it remains uncorrupted. Absolute security has to be in place before we can embark on this new American Century of people directly and frequently expressing their will.
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Sean Hannity now makes some very informed comments on whether Mr. Trump will need all 1,237 delegates to win on the first ballot. This is exactly the story we did two days ago in Still Report #787 – Trump Can Win With 1100 Delegates.
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That’s being very diplomatic, Cory. Another benefit of Trump’s presence in this political process is we discovered that there are elements – so-called Republicans – that only care that the Congressional bribery carousel continues unabated – not that the so-called Republican party does.
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Cory, buddy, you made me cry – cry that such a person is that close to a future president of the United States. That’s a real American talking.
“Life is a long thing and I don’t need enemies.” Cory Lewindowsky – 2016
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I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.