Still Report #791 – Cruz Humiliated in U.S. Senate

from Bill Still

Calgary Ted Cruz was humiliated on the floor of the U.S. Senate twice on Monday night, according to a report in Politico.
Months of Cruz’s criticisms of his Republican colleagues is now reaping some nasty rewards for the Junior Senator from Canada.
During a discussion of continuing funding for the government, Cruz tried to interrupt the proceedings with a roll call vote. The usually polite decorum on the floor of the U.S. Senate quickly turned negative as even Cruz’s fellow Republicans refused to grant him what’s called a “sufficient second” that would have allowed him to briefly call for the vote.
Failing to be recognized for a sufficient second, Cruz attempted to interrupt to call for a voice vote and got a kind of voice vote he was not expecting – a loud chorus of “no’s” from his colleagues.
Cruz was fuming after the second repudiation. It was an “unprecedented trick,” said Cruz.
However insiders see this as indicative of a combination of Cruz’s declining chances in his presidential nomination run combined with his colleagues rising anger at what they see as Cruz’s ongoing attempts to further his own political aspirations at their expense.
Under Senate rules, Cruz had already been given an hour to speak on Monday night, but was not granted additional time.
Colleagues complain that Cruz has an almost Messianic view of his self-importance to both the Senate and the rest of the world. After being denied additional time, Cruz fumed from the Senate floor:
“The Democrats are objecting to my speaking further. And both the Democrats and Republican leadership are objecting to the American people speaking further.”
How much speaking does one Junior Senator need?
Cruz’s calls for roll call votes are seen as mere tricks to get his colleagues on the record for anything with which he disagrees.
His speech on Monday was filled with venom for Republican leaders and even praising of Democrats as being more resolute then the GOP. As Politico put it:
“Cruz also personally lambasted McConnell and his deputies for denying a roll call vote that would have failed anyway, arguing that results are rigged in the Senate and that conservatives have no influence anymore.”
Interestingly, campaign reporters have noticed of late that Donald Trump – who Cruz frequently brands as a Democrat – seems to poll best in THE most traditionally Republican areas – the South and more rural areas; where Cruz seems to poll very well in typically deep blue precincts such as the urban centers.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day