Still Report #785 – 1967 Opinion on Natural Born Citizen

from Bill Still

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In the June 14, 1967 Congressional Record a case known as The United States versus Perkins (17 F S 117) is preserved.
This case is very relevant to the Ted Cruz eligibility case being decided by a New Jersey judge today.
The case concerned Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney. He, too, wanted to be the first Mormon President of the United States.
In 1967, he was initially the front-runner for the Republican nomination for the 1968 presidential election.

His main opposition was then Vice-President, Richard Milhouse Nixon.
Perkins preemptively sued the United States, challenging Romney’s eligibility under the Constitution, because Romney was born outside the United States.
Here is the syllabus from the record of the case explaining in lawyer’s shorthand the arguments:
“Child born in England of mother who had been born in United States, and had married Englishman in England, held not a ‘natural born citizen,’ within the provisions of Federal Constitution, whether child became citizen at birth by reason of mother’s citizenship or by her subsequent repatriation.”
Federal Judge Pinckney G. McElwee wrote an equally brief, yet powerfully-explained decision:
“I find no proper legal or historical basis on which to conclude that a person born outside of the United States could ever be eligible to occupy the Office of the President of the United States. In other words, in my opinion, Mr. George Romney of Michigan is ineligible to become President of the United States
After this decision, Romney did not withdraw from the race, but from that point on, his popularity began to decline, and that of Richard Nixon’s continued to increase.
By the time the 1968 Republican National Convention came around, Romney finished a weak 5th, with only 50 convention votes.
Romney then sought to become Nixon’s Vice-Presidential running mate, but lost in a vote on the convention floor to Spiro Agnew by a huge margin – 1,119 to 186.
The Nixon/Agnew ticket went on to win the 1968 election.
In attempting to secure his re-election for 1972, Nixon embarked on what was then considered to be a series of breathtaking illegalities, that finally climaxed with the break-in at the Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate residential and commercial complex along the Potomac River in Washington, D.C.
As shocking as Nixon’s efforts were to cover-up his nefarious deeds which led to his resignation, they were NOTHING in comparison to those of the Clintons who would follow.
Now, President Obama has topped even the Clintons in running right over the U.S. Constitution, and its treasured separation of powers concept, leaving it for Trump to repair.
Yes, America is redefining American politics this year.

It’s the greatest shift in alliances in over a century as the most important issues begin to clarify themselves along the lines of nationalism vs. trans-nationalism – power sharing as opposed to power consolidation.
On the one side are the nationalists – and on the other side are the trans-nationalists – or socialists – or New World Order people.
But the major theme of the nationalists is not isolationism, although that’s how the socialists are trying to brand us.
No, the nationalists believe power is being far to consolidated. The banking power, the bribery culture of the Congress, and the European Union/United Nations power grabs are all merely fingers of the same glove – tentacles from the same octopus.
And that’s why we do not favor Ted Cruz and his wife. They have been trained up for years to lead the next step in that power consolidation grab, the North American Union.
Despite what comes out of Lyin’ Ted’s mouth, he’s about as conservative as David Rockefeller, one of the first in this country to openly espouse the New World Order plan.
Cruz is following the Obama roadmap to a tee – lie and keep lying and hope that the lies won’t catch up to you before you can grab the highest chair in the land.
So, this is a battle for the heart and soul of America – whether freedom loving people can see through the thick wall of interlocking lies of politicians. Will we elect them once again to the highest office in the land? Because if we do, we will see the North American Union – with either Ted or Hillary at the wheel of its governance.
Donald Trump is the only legitimate breakout for freedom. He’s rough as a cob in some ways, but that’s because God knows a rough character is exactly what will be needed break up this covey of global monarchists.
As you have seen, the delusion is strong in America. But for those willing to just take 10 minutes to look at the basic evidence presented in this report produced about 6 months ago, the evidence is clear and compelling.