Still Report #780 – Beth on USC’s Annenberg Media News

from Bill Still

About 5 days ago, Beth got a call from a gentleman with a Middle-Eastern accent sufficiently thick that she could not catch the name or his affiliation, but she thought he was from a Los Angeles radio station.
He asked her to do a Skype video interview on the role women in the Trump campaign. She agreed. The interviewer promised to send her the clip the next day, but he did not. Then late yesterday, it finally came.
As it turns out, the gentleman’s name was Walid El-Atrache. The segment Bethd was in was broadcast last Wednesday on – get this – the University of Southern California’s (USC) Annenberg Media News, a part of one of the most prestigious broadcast journalism schools in the world, the USC ANNENBERG SCHOOL FOR COMMUNICATION AND JOURNALISM.
Oh and to that last commenter, Mr. Gordon Stables, Professor of Communication, the fact is that 44% of Republican women already support Trump.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.