Still Report #779 – Frustrated Colorado Trump Supporter Burns GOP Registration

from Bill Still

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Trump supporter Larry Wayne Lindsey yesterday burned his Colorado state Republican registration form and posted it to his Facebook account.
Lindsey was supposed to be a Trump candidate for delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July. However, he was outmaneuvered on Saturday by the establishment GOP in Colorado who have fallen fully behind Ted Cruz.
As he was driving home from the Colorado Springs convention site, Lindsey turned on his cell phone camera and expressed his frustration with the lack of just basic fairness he had just witnessed among the forces behind Lyin’ Ted.
When Lindsey got home, he was still angry, and so he took out his Republican Party registration form and burned it, vowing never to be a Republican again, but to work to help establish a new party that he could support.
The Republican party may be able to steal this election from Donald Trump, but if they do, they ensure a Democrat in the White House next term.
The sad part is – that’s ok with them. They and their minions have admitted that they would rather lose the White House to a Democrat then lose their Congressional bribery merry-go-round system that has quietly taken over the people’s house – the Congress – in Washington, D.C.
A word of advice to the Trumpers: yes, politics is frustrating. But anything good – like real freedom – is worth fighting for – worth some frustration. These guys are all making millions of dollars feeding and protecting this system. They aren’t going to just walk away without a fight.
Everything Ted Cruz touches becomes dirty. Lying, cheating and stealing is not the American way.
Hang in there. We are Trump. We are Legion. We are patient and law-abiding. We are coming to take back our Congress peacefully. We will make America Great again.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.