Still Report #771 – Voter Fraud Must be Stopped

from Bill Still

If you’ve been watching me for some time you know that sometimes I just go dark – I don’t jump on certain stories that are hot on the Internet. I don’t know why at the time. I just don’t want to move on it. That’s because I’m processing – trying to figure out how it fits into the big picture – I guess. The truth is that the Holy Spirit just makes me stop – incoming information update dead ahead.
Yesterday, I got in this email. It was from someone calling herself WatchwomanOnTheWall2015:
“I hope someone reads this. I did an exit poll in NE Wisconsin at one location. Total 746 voters, and I was told 2/3 MORE people voted than usual.
Of 100 people in the exit poll I took, Trump got 59% …I stayed as an observer for the counting after the election closed, and here is what I witnessed. The absentee votes closely resembled my exit poll for ALL candidates.
Trump got 59% …. Now for the SHOCKER. These are the voting Machine numbers, and this is where things become seriously QUESTIONABLE:
“Summary: Voting machine results abnormally skewed toward Cruz from Trump.”
And this was in a county where Trump still won!
Now look back at these last results for Trump for a few seconds. Notice how he got EXACTLY 50%. That’s going to be important in a couple of minutes when someone claims to have heard a conversation saying “Hold Trump’s vote with the Diebold machines at 50%.”

Now I have to admit something. I was wrong – again. For years folks would send voter fraud stuff in to me and I’d dismiss them as pure conspiracy theory folks. I just could not believe – would not believe — that our country was THIS corrupt!
I was wrong, And I apologize to those people who tried to get me to cover this much earlier. I just had to see it with my own eyes to believe it.This afternoon, instead of covering something else for this channel. I did what I NEVER do – I sat and watched on 84-minute video on how easy it is to manipulate Diebold voting machines – make it vote for someone other than the person you intended. This a very common machine in the United States and around the world.
Here’s a brief clip from a documentary entitled: “Hacking Democracy”, an HBO film put out this year.
Now. Just this morning, my wife came in with a lead – some guy she was tweeting with was walking out an office building behind Reince Priebus and claimed he overheard him say:
“Make sure Trump get’s under 50% on the Diebold machines.”
Well, I dismissed it – pretty much – right away, but at least I asked her to get back to the guy and ask him exactly when and where this occurred and give us his real name and try to set up a Skype interview.
Well, he never responded, and now the tweet is a thousand tweets back somewhere. Why can’t you word-search Twitter?
Well, I can hear my critics howling already – “Ahh-hah, more totally unsubstantiated rumor – at best,” they’ll say.