Still Report #765 – Website Warns Cruz on DC Madam’s Records

from Bill Still

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The DC Madam’s former attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley struggled with his GoFundMe page for a month and only got $390 of support. The day we ran our first story on the situation, suddenly the page was fully funded.
That same day, Sibley’s request for a hearing in either the U.S. Supreme Court, or the DC Court of Appeals was granted and now appears on the docket of the U.S. Supreme Court as a District Court case, case #15A1016.
Sibley is fighting a lower court order to keep suppressed the critical 815 records which had actual names, addresses, social security numbers, and home and business telephone numbers from the DC Madam’s records.
In January, Sibley realized that among these 815 records is contained:
“… information relevant to the upcoming Presidential election.”
The hacker group Anonymous released several thousand records over the weekend that were apparently from an older release of only phone numbers released several years ago.
Now, the news website, Gateway Pundit has warned that it is pouring through these older records and today issued a stern warning to Ted Cruz:
“We have the DC Madam’s phone records.
Pages and pages of phone records.
We are deciding how to present this evidence.
Please pass this on to Ted Cruz and his supporters.”

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.