Still Report #763 – Don’t Check This Sneaky Box on Your Ballot

from Bill Still

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When you vote – here is where Donald Trump’s name is located.
If you vote here – it releases your delegate to the Republican National Convention in July to vote for anyone they choose, not necessarily the person you favor.
If you vote twice in this section of the ballot, of course your vote will not be counted at all.
Unfortunately, this option is not new. Most people have never noticed it before. But we are all so keyed up by the borderline illegal activities of Ted Cruz that we are justifiably watchful of everything this election cycle.
The uninstructed delegation option has been in Wisconsin law since at least 1999. However, it is very confusing.
Wisconsin statute 5.60 (8) BALLOTS FOR PRESIDENTIAL VOTE.
(am) Except as authorized in s. 5.655, there shall be a separate ballot for each recognized political party filing a certification under s. 8.12 (1), listing the names of all potential candidates of that party determined under s. 8.12 and affording, in addition, an opportunity to the voter to nominate another potential candidate by write-in vote or to vote for an uninstructed delegation to the party convention.
So remember, vote for Donald Trump here on your ballot.
Do not vote here, or the Wisconsin Republican party will decide who to support for you.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.