Still Report #760 – Trump Closing in Wisconsin

from Bill Still

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Donald Trump is closing in on Ted Cruz in a new Emerson College poll. Cruz now leads Trump by only 5 points, 40 to 35 according to the new poll taken in the last 3 days and released this morning.
Interestingly, however, the poll was among Wisconsin’s likely GOP presidential primary voters. However, Wisconsin is one of the few remaining Open primaries – where anyone can vote, including Independents and Democrats – two voting blocks where Cruz is very weak and Trump is strong.
The Emerson Poll is confirmed by the newest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll which found the Cruz lead shrinking to 6 points.
Interestingly, the Reuters Daily Tracking Poll has suddenly gone dark – nowhere to be found. They are still publishing polls that show Trump in a negative light, however.
And lastly, a lady from Milwaukee, named Colleyn Mary wrote in with a very interesting local perspective:
“Bill, a twitter follower of mine has told me that the Marquette Poll was a phony. They called on Monday and Marquette people said that they have not done a poll since Feb.
“I live in downtown Milwaukee and was a paid employee for the RNC during the Romney campaign. Scott Walker was my neighbor and I have been working on his campaigns since the late 90s.
“This is the dirtiest election I have ever seen here. We never played dirty ball like this until Cruz came along. In the future I will NOT be supporting any of these people. I am Trump all the way. The media is non-stop Trump bashing.
“I have been a wreck over this. I am planning on going to the Hannity Town Hall at the Pabst Theater (I have a ticket). I do not trust that 10 point poll for now.
“P.S. The weather is horrible. It’s snowing in downtown Milwaukee now and has been raining all week.”
The forecast for election day – tomorrow – is even worse:
“Sunny in the morning, then becoming cloudy with a mix of light rain and snow later in the day. High near 40F. Winds 15-25 mph. Chance of rain 40%.”
If anyone is in Wisconsin, please write in and give me your report from your local perspective.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.