Still Report #757 – DC Madam’s Files Will Be Released

from Bill Still

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Cyber-security guy, Karl Denninger, of Market-Ticker fame has taken a look at screenshots of the phone records of the DC Madam that are going around from a virus-laden download that has purportedly been in cyber-space for years.
He is not impressed.
“The problem with this alleged data is that the previously known AT&T records don’t coincide with this list. I thus cannot cross-reference it … against other known-legit pages…. I’m suspicious….”
I’m no expert, but I was suspicious of purported evidence leaked by Anonymous because it just left me confused when I saw it.

But really I think this list is irrelevant because the real list at the center of the legal wrangling is only 815 names.
In 2007, the madam’s former attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, issued a subpoena to Verizon Wireless requiring them to turn over account holder info for 5,902 phone numbers taken from the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s, “Blackbook”.
“Verizon Wireless responded with a Compact Disk containing 815 names, addresses, social security numbers, and home and business telephone numbers of Verizon users who were known to have called the escort service in question, and were likely clients of the service.”
So remember, this case is all about those 815 numbers. When they are released, if Sibley is telling the truth, we won’t have to do much guessing, because attached to these numbers are names, addresses, home and business telephone numbers – and even social security numbers.
In January, Sibley says he realized that these 815 records contain:
“… information relevant to the upcoming Presidential election.”
In other words, one of the current presidential candidates. Please see Still Report 753 to bring you up to speed with what happened next.
Five days ago, Sibley filed an “Application for a Stay of Restraining Order” with Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr., demanding that if he is not allowed to file:
“… and thereafter does not promptly receive a fair and impartial hearing on that Motion, he will justifiably consider the Restraining Order void … [and] will simply release publicly the Verizon Wireless Subpoena Return records containing the names and addresses of eight hundred fifteen (815) Washington D.C. clients of the D.C. Madam’s escort service.”
I’m no lawyer, but if I were the Chief Justice, I’d be somewhat taken aback by the filing of such a threat and would probably ignore it.
So this could drag on for a few more months, but since Sibley has taken the precaution to attach the list to an internet “Dead Man’s Switch” which is set to auto release if he doesn’t check in every 72 hours, it is unlikely that this will be swept under the rug and we will eventually find out who this presidential candidate is in the near future.