Still Report #756 – Sex Scandal Erodes Cruz in Wisconsin

from Bill Still

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A new Public Policy poll in Wisconsin show Donald Trump closing on Ted Cruz.
Cruz still leads, but by a very slim margin 38 to 37 over Trump with 17% for Kasich. The Public Policy poll flies in the face of other polls which have shown a 10 point lead for Cruz.
However, the Reuters Daily Tracking poll has shown Cruz topping out and Trump surging north again towards 50% when looking at the race nationally.
But Breitbart – long suspected as secret Cruz advocates – this morning completely embarrassed itself by its bogus interpretation of this latest Reuters daily tracking poll.
Here is Breitbart’s headline:
“Donald Trump Slips in Reuters Tracking Poll”
That’s just plain false – an outright lie. No wonder they back Lying Ted!
You want to know who is telling you the truth? Read their story here:
Then read our article here.
In their article they cherry pick numbers out of this poll in a lame attempt to spin it in favor of Cruz.
Look at these last 5 days. Trump is the top line, Cruz is just below him. If you were the cruzers, wouldn’t you be just a little upset by this trend? Or would you call it desperate?
Wouldn’t you say that Cruz is sinking and Trump – after a miserable 13 days – is heading north again?
Reuters’ own headline says it all: “Trump expands lead in GOP race.”
I’ve never seen such a gross distortion in all my years in this business.
And they have the guts to have a tab devoted to “Big Journalism”
What about changing that to bogus journalism?
Will Breitbart ever apologize for their error – to put it politely? No way!

And the Public Policy survey is unassailable. It is consistently seen as one of the two most accurate in the U.S.
There is no way around it. The good news for the Trumpsters and Trumpets is that their massive Twitter presence is having an effect on this election!
Apparently, the Cruz sex scandal rumors are taking their toll both nationally and in Wisconsin.
24 of Wisconsin’s 42 delegates are awarded in a winner-take-all system at the congressional district level. 18 at-large delegates (including 5 bonus delegate and 3 RNC delegates) are awarded based on who wins a majority statewide.
However, winning a majority for Cruz will be seen as too little, too late. Experts believe that anything but a blowout for Cruz will not show sufficient momentum to damage to the Trump train, , because two weeks later, the primaries head to New York where Trump is heavily favored to win the majority of New York’s 95 delegates.
Voting in Wisconsin takes place on Tuesday
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day