Still Report #752 – Iowa Cheat WAS Planned by Cruz

from Bill Still

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Good morning. I’m still reporting on politics.
For the first time, we now know for sure that Ben Carson was deliberately cheated out of Iowa Caucus delegates by an elaborate and sophisticated deception operation mounted by the Ted Cruz campaign.
According to whistle blower and a former top Cruz operative — whom we’ve named, John Doe — the entire Iowa Caucus cheat was not accidental, but a carefully-choreographed dirty tricks operation hatched 17 days before the Feb. 1 Iowa Caucus.
Whistleblower, John Doe revealed that the caper was born on Jan. 15, 2016.
Doe was managing the phone banks for the Cruz campaign in Iowa.
“I was [monitoring] volunteers making calls – hundreds of calls a day. Lying about Trump as well as Senator Rubio.”
“I bit my tongue at first knowing it was wrong. Then 2 weeks prior to the Iowa Caucus we received the results of our internal poll.”
“Trump was leading, Cruz second and Ben Carson [was] 3rd, with a shockingly high amount of support – meaning much more support than what CNN/Fox had him at.”
But then, deep within the data a group of top Cruz staffers noticed something – something they might be able to take advantage of.
“The kicker was that a majority of Carson supporters had Cruz as their second choice.” Said Doe.
In other words, if Carson dropped out after his voters had already arrived at the Caucus site, then Cruz would be the main beneficiary.
Based on that key piece of information, former Cruz Communications Director, Amanda Carpenter, who had moved on to a job at CNN 6 months earlier, proposed a plan to cheat Dr. Carson out of his delegates by spreading the false rumor that Carson was dropping out of the race just seconds before the Caucus was to begin.
However, at that point, whistleblower John Doe couldn’t take it any more:
“I strongly opposed this, but they decided they were going to do it anyway, so I quit [on] January 18th. “
When caucus day arrived on Feb. 1st, the Cruz team was ready. Were they coordinating directly with CNN? Only history will tell, but the facts do seem suspicious.
At 6:43 local time – 17 minutes before the Iowa Caucus opened – CNN announced Carson was going home to Florida, win or lose.
[insert CNN]
At exactly 33 seconds before 7 pm the Ted Cruz 2016 official Twitter site sent out this tweet:
[insert First Tweet]
“CNN is reporting that Ben Carson will stop campaigning after Iowa. Make sure to tell all of your peers at the Caucus supporting Carson that they should coalesce around the true conservative who will be in the race for the long haul: Ted Cruz!”
This wasn’t a mistake. This was a deliberate lie designed to kick off the mass abandonment of Carson voters once they had already arrived, but not yet voted.
By 7:07, former CIA dirty trickster, Dan Gabriel ratcheted up the validity of Cruz’s interpretation of events with his own tweet:
[insert, Dan Gabriel Tweet 1]
“Source inside Ben Carson’s NH campaign just confirmed to me: Ben Carson is out. Choose Cruz.”
[insert Dan Gabriel big website]
Gabriel’s website bragged of his past CIA ties and of his expertise in “insurgencies, foreign and domestic.”
Minutes later, the Cruz campaign put out a fax on official stationary saying Carson was essentially out of the race and:
[insert Ted Cruz fax]
“Please inform any Carson goers of this news and urge them to caucus with Ted Cruz.”
This was followed by another Dan Gabriel tweet trying to sow confusion by blaming the Trump campaign;
[insert Gabriel tweet 2 copy]
At 7:50 pm, a Carson spokesman tweeted that Carson was: “not standing down and was only returning to Florida to get fresh clothes, and that he would then be in DC for two days at campaign events, then continue on to New Hampshire.
The Cruz camp ignored that. Soon after the Caucus had started, but before the voting, the Cruz campaign started robo-calling precinct captains with a message to tell Carson voters they should:
“… not waste a vote on Ben Carson.”
Also before the voting, and half an hour after Carson’s denial he was leaving, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Cruz’s Iowa campaign chairman still tweeted out:
“Carson looks like he is out. Iowans need to know before they vote. Most will go to Cruz, I hope.”
This deliberate onslaught of mini-events had their intended effect – many Carson voters switched over to Cruz.
Unfortunately for the Cruz campaign the giant band of Trumpers on Twitter quickly put all this together, uncovering the plot.
In the ensuing hours after the miraculous Ted Cruz victory, the mounting allegations of election fraud became so great that Cruz apologized to Carson the next day for the dirty tricks campaign.