SSG Silver Up 123% YTD

from TruthNeverTold


How is it possible for some silver to go up +123% in only a few weeks? Read on…

We promised you that 2016 SSG MicroMintage was going to be intense and we have already delivered!

We focused on what worked last year and have delivered stunning returns this year in a very, very short period of time.

Last year, as you can read below, the 2015 SSG MicroMintage returned an awesome +87% ROI.
This year, the 2016 SSG MicroMintage returned a stunning +123% ROI in only a few weeks!!

The average SSG member invested about $2,000 in the first quarter of 2016 and has an estimated $2,460 unrealized gain!

Some are buying more and others less, but honestly any gain better than nothing inside this 4 year bear market in silver.

First, let me confess that this is based off of the latest ridiculous FeeBay numbers and does not account for their exorbitant fees. We do not condone buying any over priced metal off of FeeBay and prefer you get SSG wholesale pricing by joining the Silver Shield Group today!

In fact, we dislike FeeBay so much have created the as a place for buyers and sellers to transact with 1/4 of the fees.

These +123% ROI figures do account for the free international shipping we provide for SSG members.

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