Rickards: ‘Unallocated Gold Is a Euphemism for No Gold.’

from Jesse’s Café Américain

I think that Rickards is correct in his judgement, and joins many others including Kyle Bass, who because of their backgrounds are much harder to ridicule and dismiss by the creatures of the bullion banks. And in some of their more recent remarks about this, one can almost feel the desperation. And here and there, the rats seem to be leaving the ship.

When this pyramiding of bullion and price manipulation falls apart, which history suggests that it must, there will be many angry investors demanding explanations of officials and regulators and bankers who will be shuffling from one foot to another, trying to excuse their lack of good fiduciary judgement and responsibility.

I just wonder if they will try to wait for some ‘big event’ to disclose this, in the hopes that fewer questions will be asked, and will be more easily dismissed.

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