Recovery Lies, Debt Lies, Retirement Lies, Immigration Lies | John Rubino

from Reluctant Preppers

The roots of currency destruction from Nixon closing the gold window to secret inflationary taxation…

Chinese “recovery” is a lie based on unprecedented ballooning debt.

US corporate earnings terrible – banks, Apple, Twitter – Stocks at record highs but even the leaders are failing.

Exorbitantly expensive stimulus yielding ever more anemic response from the real economy – we are stealing obscene amounts from our children and grandchildren’s future to claim we aren’t in recession.

European demographic time bomb of obligation that cannot be paid – will drive huge devaluations to rob the people since inflation.

Governments encouraging unchecked immigration in desperate attempt to swell voter rolls and replace dwindling worker demographic, but the backlash is surprising them with revolts of territorial grassroots uprisings.

What can a prudent person do now to protect their family, and profit from the coming collapse, which could go different directions?

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