Precious Metals Investor: Must See Important Charts & Data

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

The U.S. and world economies are in serious trouble. Unfortunately, the majority of analysts continue to put out increasingly worthless forecasts as they fail to understand the true nature of the problem… or rather, the predicament we are facing.

We must remember, problems have solutions while a predicament may be too difficult to solve. According to the Cambridge definition of Predicament:

Predicament: noun[c] /pr?’d?k·?·m?nt/: an unpleasant or confusing situation that is difficult to get out of or solve.

With no money and no job, he found himself in a real predicament.

Mankind enjoys slapping itself on the back when it comes up with new technologies to solve problems. However, solving problems with technology in the short run creates even larger problems in the longer run. For example, how does the U.S. Federal Government maintain the massive infrastructure that technology help to create if there aren’t available funds to do so???

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