Precious Metal Community – Unite

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

I may be on vacation, but NOTHING can take away my passion, angst, or desire to lead where others won’t.

To wit, in recent months, I have grown increasingly confident in the “Precious Metal community”; which, in terms of size, intelligence, and communication skills appears to have grown exponentially. Not just in the States, but the world round. However, watching it react to a simple, run-of-the-mill, Cartel-orchestrated attack irritates me to no end – as yet again, the misinformation; fear mongering; and in many cases, stupidity is awe-inspiring, after all we have been through.

Yes, I get it – we all live in fear of the “next big smash,” given how much pain the Cartel has inflicted in recent years. However, to ignore PMs’ ragingly positive fundamentals – in markets that bottomed overseas 12-18 months ago, and six months ago here in the States – is utterly unfathomable.

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