Political Pundits, or Getting Paid for Wishful Thinking

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

Bill Kristol – the Gartman of Politics?

It has become a popular sport at Zerohedge to make fun of financial pundits who appear regularly on TV and tend to be consistently wrong with their market calls. While this Schadenfreude type reportage may strike some as a bit dubious, it should be noted that it is quite harmless compared to continually leading people astray with dodgy advice.

[…] These people should surely be considered fair game. Besides, following their multiple blunders is sometimes actually quite funny. The above depicted Dennis Gartman has become a favorite target, possibly due to the rather odd way in which he expresses himself (he sounds a bit like a time traveler who got lost, or a visitor from another planet). We don’t know if his wrong-way forecasts are cherry-picked, but if they are not, then he is truly a noteworthy phenomenon.

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