Plus Plus Plus

by Richard Daughty
The Mogambo Guru Blog

Lately, I am getting, you know, really scared. Oh, not the ordinary kind of day-in, day-out kind of scared, constantly dreading both the appearance of childish-yet-pointless alliteration and the coming calamitous collapse of a catastrophic cataclysm caused, pausing for breath, by the completely insane overproduction of cash and credit by the (you guessed it!) evil Federal Reserve, and then winding up, as we see, with both.

At least back in those olden, golden days, a modicum of blessed comfort was once provided by having gold, silver, and sheer firepower at hand, backed up by 911 on the phone.

Except this is a new!improved!vitamin-enriched! kind of scared. A lot more than, shall we say, was usual over the last 35 years of watching, in mounting horror and disbelief, the growing monetary excesses of the evil Federal Reserve, knowing that Never Before In Freaking History (MBIFH) have such insane creations of cash, credit and the attendant backbreaking debt, and this is the salient point, NOT ended very, very badly! Very, very badly, indeed!!

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