Oh Look, An 8th Grade Snowflake!

by Karl Denninger

So now we laud and turn viral a kid’s hubris?

An Indiana 8th-grader’s refusal to complete a school project as assigned is makingheadlines. The unnamed girl was asked to calculate her body mass index and give the definition for BMI, which is found by multiplying one’s weight by 703 and dividing by squared height in inches.

But instead of providing the number, she countered with a two-page essay. A “proud” family friend posted photographs of her work on Facebook on March 30.

The self-described “bigger girl” opens up about her own body image struggles, which recently involved trying “to wrap Ace bandages around my stomach so I’d look skinnier.” Her concerned parents took her to her doctor, “a man who went to college for eight years studying children’s health [and] told me my height and weight are right on track.” She concludes by writing that her BMI is not only “none of your concern” but is also “beautiful,” as is her body.

Uh huh.

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