Juncker Admits EU Interferes Too Much, Provides No Plan For Change

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

EU Has Meddled Too Much, Admits Boss Juncker … More The European Union meddles too much in people’s lives, according to its most senior official. In a significant admission, Jean-Claude Juncker said a lot of the laws made in Brussels should have been left to national governments. As a result the EU has lost popularity with ordinary people because they feel it over-regulates, the European Commission President said. – Sky News

Jean-Claude Juncker’s statement that the EU has meddled too much has reverberated around the world. It’s received a lot of coverage in Britain, where the Brexit debate – over whether Britain leaves the EU or stays – is ongoing.

Juncker’s statement came at a Council of Europe meeting in Strasbourg. He made it in response to a question from Tory MP Nigel Evans who asked whether top EU officials understood that the Brexit was just part of a much larger wave of anti-EU sentiment.

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