Irwin Schiff on the Federal Income Tax and America’s Economic Decline

from Peter Schiff

My father always referred to April 15th as being the true April Fools Day, as millions of Americans pay a tax for which no law makes them liable, and file tax returns that no law actually requires them to file. So as you file your 2015 tax return, which my father called confessions, as taxpayers do not actually return anything to the IRS that they already have, take the time to watch my father’s last publicly available interview, recorded just 18 months before his illegal conviction in Oct. of 2005, that resulted in a 13-year prison sentence, which ultimately amounted to a death sentence, as an incompetent prison medical system failed to diagnose skin cancer, that over the years metastasized to other organs of his body, including his lungs, which was the official cause of his death in Oct. of 2015.

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