Harvey Organ’s Daily Gold & Silver Report – 2016.04.14

Deutsche bank to give evidence on the class action probe on gold and silver/they will provide the necessary emails to the court/ this is huge news/Another 3.26 tonnes of gold leaves the GLD and this “gold” was no doubt used in the raid today/China devalues again by the most in 3 months and thereby sends another message to the USA not to raise rates/Singapore announces that it will ease by not allowing its Singapore dollar to rise/they state economy is in an awful state

by Harvey Organ
Harvey Organ’s Blog

[…] Last night , I wrote to expect a raid due to the high OI in both gold and especially silver. The bankers did not disappoint me and despite the fact that Deutsche bank is going to spill the beans on the other banks in both gold and silver, the bankers still had enough chutzpah to attack today.

Today’s big news came from Deutsche bank settling a USA class action lawsuit. For once the USA Attorney General will have no say on this. DB must provide and they stated that they would supply all the emails between the parties as per the manipulation of silver and gold.

The real question is what prompted DB to settle? Could they have received a little tap on the shoulder from the Bundesbank, angry that gold is not coming their way these past 3 months from the FRBNY as promised?

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