My Girlfriend Thinks I’m Racist | European Migrant Crisis

from Stefan Molyneux


Question: “My Girlfriend and I have had intense discussions when confronting the issue of immigration of Middle Eastern refugees to Europe. The tension arises when arguing about when and when no to help such people. My Girlfriend believes that these people are in need and that they can change.”

“When I argued that we need to turn the boats to Greece back, I was called a racist, egoist, heartless and cruel. I am usually told that I am too obsessed with immigration, that she is tired, that I am tiring, and I should not make arguments that apply to emotions, such as arguing that a bomb could explode and kill our families like what happened in Brussels recently.”

“How can we continue as a healthy couple with our respective beliefs? Is it even possible? The disagreements currently are at a point where it’s an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.”


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