German Electric Car Conundrum: the Campaign to Kill Diesel

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Germany to launch 1 billion-euro discount scheme for electric car buyers …Germany is set to launch a new incentive scheme worth about 1 billion euros ($1 billion) to get more consumers buying electric cars as it struggles to meet a target of bringing 1 million of them onto its roads by the end of the decade. The costs of the incentives, similar to those already established in some other European countries, are to be shared equally between the government and automakers with a view to selling an additional 400,000 electric cars, – Reuters

Now it seems the truth begins to emerge about the VW “diesel scandal.” Through happenstance or on purpose, one popular form of transportation is under attack, while another less popular method is being promoted.

It’s electric versus gas and predictably government is promoting electric transportation. Volkswagen’s problems are just as predictably spreading to other car companies. An article in The Wall Street Journal tells us the following:

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