EU Red Tape is Suffocating UK Economy and Brexit Can Set Us Free

110 business leaders have supported exiting the EU

by Allister Heath

For those business people who believe both in remaining in the EU and in free markets, these are difficult times.

In recent weeks, the government has made two major, possibly even historic, concessions to the left, making it harder for Remainers to argue that their position is the pro-capitalist one.

[…] First there was George Osborne’s shocking Treasury propaganda booklet on the supposed costs of leaving the EU.

One of the key assumptions in the book was that our regulations were just fine: there isn’t too much red tape, it asserted, and the Government would not want to reduce any even if it had the right to do so. In that moment, 20 years of Tory rearguard warfare against over-regulation finally came to an end.

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