Establishment Collapsing: Trump Beating Grand Ol’ Party Of “Serial Child Molesters” and Has Beens

by Mac Slavo

The corruption is on every front. And it is pretty obvious that the two party system has thoroughly rotted through, and its decrepitude obvious to all the onlookers.

There is a great deal of uproar about the collapse of the GOP – which has been thoroughly thwarted and upstaged by Donald Trump at every turn… but it should really come as no surprise.

Everyone hears the warnings that the system is collapsing, but when it doesn’t happen right away, every goes back marching to the music.

But the establishment party hacks – who have long forced sellout candidates pushing a draconian agenda to the captive people – could not fill their empty suit in 2016 with any of their 16 other party-loyal candidates. They were so desperate, they even considered rolling out two-time presidential loser Mitt Romney and Speaker Paul Ryan as last minute candidates.

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