EM Partying Like 1998 and Pettifor on Europe

from Boom Bust

S&P has downgraded China’s outlook from stable to negative plus the first round of migrants in Europe are being forced to return under a new EU-Turkey deal. Ameera David reports. Then Ameera sits down with Pavlina Tcherneva – research scholar at the Levy Economics Institute and associate professor of economics at Bard College – to talk about how realistic the Sanders economic plan is. Afterwards, RT correspondent Marina Portnaya breaks down a new study that shows low income Americans can no longer afford rent, food and transportation

After the break, Ann Pettifor, Economist and Director of Prime Economics, comments on recent trends in both the UK and Eurozone economies. And in The Big Deal, Ameera and Edward discuss how despite the massive risk-on rally in emerging markets, skepticism is still warranted..

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