ECB Stays Put

by Mike Meyer
Daily Pfennig

Good Day. And welcome to Friday morning. As Chuck mentioned yesterday, he’s on a plane making his way back north to St. Louis so it will be a collaborative effort this morning to bring you the Pfennig. It was a fairly wild day that had us leaning in one direction during the early trading session and then changed abruptly once the headlines from the ECB meeting started hitting the airwaves. Let’s get things started with commentary from Frank and then see what had the markets buzzing yesterday.

“Somewhere way down in those photo archives I can’t quite find I have a picture of a high school classmate, Charlie Clark I think, standing at the corner of Clayton and Price roads. It was 1972 and I recall he was dressed in a long coat and a gas mask. It was the third Earth Day, April 22 now each year, and as was the custom back then there was a march to emphasize and commemorate or emphasize the day.

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