Earth Day Celebration: Global Warming Treaty Will Be Signed Today

by Gary North

Today is Earth Day. This celebration has been going annually on since 1970.

The first Earth Day was originally celebrated on March 21, 1970, in San Francisco. It was the brainchild of John McConnell, a peace activist, and ecologist. But then the United Nations picked up the idea. The UN changed Earth Day in 1971 to the vernal equinox. The UN defined this as April 22.

Earth Day has become an international phenomenon. It has replaced May Day on the calendar of environmentalists around the world. I guess we can be thankful for small blessings. Since they no longer celebrate May Day in Russia with a military parade, about the only thing left for “May day” is a cry for help. Even the public school May poles of my youth are only a fading memory.

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