Don’t Cry for Argentina

by Bob Bauman
The Sovereign Investor

Report from Buenos Aires: What a difference a new leader can make when even a slim majority of a country’s people decide they have had enough and choose change.

That’s what happened in the Argentine Republic last November, when Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri narrowly won as the 57th president of Argentina. Macri, a moderate conservative, is the first democratically-elected, nonradical or non-Peronista president since 1916.

Five recent days in Buenos Aires vindicated my long-time wish to visit this “Paris of South America,” a name it well deserves. With the invaluable assistance of a Spanish-speaking friend, I saw this great metropolis through the eyes of a local who loves and enjoys this city where fútbol (soccer) is an obsession, they dance the sexy tango in the streets and you meet friendly and beautiful porteños (Buenos Aires locals).

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