These Disaffected Workers Will Decide Who Becomes the Next President

The working class is tired of being treated as second class

by Tamara Draut
Market Watch

Donald Trump’s rise to primary stardom has brought with it a newfound analysis of working-class voters. For the first time in a generation, the working class is front and center in an election cycle. This is a welcome development — in theory. The U.S. needs an honest conversation about the obstacles working-class Americans face.

Unfortunately, the term “working class” has become shorthand for white men without college degrees, ignoring the millions of women, African-Americans and Latinos who today make up a much greater share of the working class. In fact, African-Americans and Latinos are much more likely than whites to identify themselves as working class. More than two-thirds of Latinos consider themselves working class, compared to half of blacks and 38% of whites.

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