Declining Education, Declining Democracy

by James Quinn
The Burning Platform

An Unhappy Populace

Each passing year the power and wealth discrepancy in our nation grows ever more obvious, despite the media’s best attempts to convince us otherwise. Politicians blatantly lie their way out of corruption charges, and powerful lobbying groups legally rule our congress with an iron fist. At this point it is common knowledge that our nation is completely captured by private/foreign interests, and these issues continue to foster a growing sentiment of resentment.

People are quick to spout leftists rhetoric about evil corporations, and continue to demand increasingly harsh restrictions on US businesses. These misguided attempts to assess blame do more harm than good, as they strangle start-ups in their crib, effectively forcing people to go to monopolies if they wish to continue buying goods/working for a living. Since the 1970s new business starts have fallen by almost 50%, despite a 62% increase in US population. Where have the employment opportunities gone?

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