The Day of Reckoning Is Coming, Sort of, Maybe

by Rick Ackerman

I have nothing whatsoever to add to my current touts, since the stock market has given us only asphyxiating tedium since the vicious short-squeeze that preceded Easter weekend. Someone in the chat room said Martin Armstrong had drum-rolled April 4 as a major turn date, but I don’t put much store in precise predictions of ‘big’ events based on cyclical tea leaves. Usually, the more fanfare that accompanies such forecasts, the less likely they are to come true. Looking back over 40 years, I can’t recall a single Big Prediction ever being right, even if a thousand gurus took credit and a victory lap after-the-fact. Joe Granville excelled at this, but I’m sure the record would show that his actual track record over the years was no better than that of a dart-board prognosticator.

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