Currency Wars, Corruption, and Volatility Will (Eventually) Cause the Next Big Bull Market

by Gerardo Del Real
Outsider Club

Impeachments, currency wars, and volatility are now the new normal… and they will eventually usher in a new bull market in gold.

Take, for example, Brazil — the world’s fifth most populous country and eighth-largest economy. Its second-largest city, Rio de Janeiro, is the host of this year’s Summer Olympics.

Brazil is also suffering its worst economic crisis in decades. In addition, multiple corruption scandals — in the public, private, and state-owned sectors — the Zika crisis, and the likely impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff look to provide a challenge to the already-fragile social stability of the country.

In Europe, the attacks in Paris last November and Brussels last week have re-ignited passions on the issue of immigration. The “Brexit” vote will be a very important vote to decide whether Britain should remain in the European Union. The referendum will be held on June 23.

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