Cucks Get Served

by Karl Denninger

It was not a good night for the cuckservative crowd.

Over the last few days Kascich and Cruz formed an alleged “alliance” to try to “stop Trump.” Both men, mathematically eliminated from reaching majorities of delegates (especially Kascich, who has had zero odds of winning since Ohio) decided to announce that they were no longer actually running to win, but rather to prevent someone else from winning.

It was a utterly outrageous and puerile display reminiscent of a two-year old’s tantrum when they fail to obtain the fifth piece of candy, and the voters obviously saw it the same way. Trump won all five primaries last night with every one of them being won by actual majorities of the vote, not pluralities. That is, he won with 58% (CT), 61% (DE), 54% (MD), 57% (PA) and 64% (RI).

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