Countdown to the Ultimate Short Squeeze

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

My friends, we are on the cusp of financial history! It’s late Friday afternoon, following a week in which the “powers that be” got a glimpse of the relentless power of Precious Metals. Which have assuredly, in all currencies, resumed the bull market that commenced at the turn of the century, en route to reclaiming their role as the “once and future” monetary kings. Sure, the PPT managed to salvage the week with a patented “hail mary” equity rally at day’s end. However, there’s no disputing the rapidly accelerating momentum of the world’s most desired – and care of 15 years of suppression, undervalued assets; gold, silver, and platinum. Which, when they inevitably explode in late-90s-like dotcom stock fashion, will destroy all remaining remnants of the control the “powers that be” have held over financial markets since the 2008 crisis. And this, with the Cartel putting more effort into suppressing PMs than ever before!

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