Caught in the Aftermath of a Minsky Moment by a Credibility Trap

from Jesse’s Café Américain

[…] This comment [quoted below] from someone I consider to be an ethical and intelligent mainstream economist was so eloquently put that I am using it on my site. It expresses almost perfectly why we have the broad movement growing in the US that rejects all the establishment candidates from both parties

And it goes without saying that the words I put in front of it are completely my own, and most likely go far beyond what this person said so well. We have disagreed at times, but I hope in an amicable way. This is how knowledge is created from the raw material of data.

What I find to be significant right now is how badly the status quo is assessing and reacting to this current political situation. There is an unmistakable desire for honesty, transparency, and reform in this country, especially among the young.

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