Bruce D. Price – Killing Knowledge: K-12

from Financial Survival Network

Bruce D. Price writes, The first schools, the first great universities, were focused on knowledge: figuring out what it is, collecting and verifying it, and passing it on from teachers to students. Our K-12 schools have drifted far away from this ideal. Knowledge itself is disparaged. The transmission of knowledge is sneered at. These shifts are huge and destructive, and they are by design. Consider what any real school looks like: judo schools, medical schools, language schools, flight schools, bar-tending schools, flower-arranging schools. All possess a body of knowledge they strive to give to the next generation. That’s not what our public schools are focused on now. It used to be well understood that the human race is divided into uneducated people (they don’t know anything) and educated people (they know lots of information). Creating educated people takes work, by the school and the student. K-12 no longer believes in the importance of that work.

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