The Black Man’s Burden

from Stefan Molyneux


Question: “I am an African American male – had a 4.3 GPA in high school, scored in the top 2% of SAT takers, got accepted into an Ivy League School, and have a full ride from undergrad and graduate school all the way through a PhD. I’m also on the guaranteed medical school path which entails that I if I keep up my GPA, I am guaranteed a spot in medical school without having to take the MCAT.”

“Because of my accomplishments. I’ve always been considered a genius by my family – the one who’s going to become a doctor and take care of everyone. The ‘don’t forget me when you get famous’ guy. Though this often bugged me, I dealt with it. Unfortunately, this has spread to not only my family, but the entire ‘black’ community at large as well. I’ve had numerous teachers, principals, religious leaders, and mentors tell me that I need to ‘give back’ and become a leader for my race once I make it to wherever I’m going.”

“I realize that there exist multiple problems within the African American community, but I’m a little cynical as to how that directly coincides with my success. I really want to go into health politics, so I am not really interested in race issues per say; rather, I want to help with poverty related health issues (some correlation, cloudy causation). Do you believe successful minorities have the ‘obligation’ to facilitate the restoration of their communities? If yes, monetarily? Through investments? Through advocation?”

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