Argentina – Bursting with Optimism

by Frank Trotter
Daily Pfennig

I was sitting on a Peruvian horse – a Paso Peruano – in a dry riverbed headed 24 miles down valley from Cafayate, Argentina, to Colalao del Valle. The two Argentines I rode between were mixing their basic English with my rudimentary Spanish to make a passionate point.

“We are so excited by [Mauricio] Macri’s election. He has already made major changes that are good and more are coming. I think the future is very bright for Argentina.”

“No matter what you think of Obama, his visit here is a big deal here,” said another Argentine later to a friend, “This opens the door for participating in the global economy.”

Some version of these two conversations occurred over and over again as I spoke with both Salteños and Porteños, two different and usually conflicting groups, during my recent visit to Argentina.

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