Anthony Wile Reflects on the Gifts of Tibor Machan

by Anthony Wile
The Daily Bell

Once in a while in our lives we come across a book or an article, perhaps an interview, that causes us to pause and really consider our positions on a particular topic, to question our conclusions and perhaps even adjust our way of looking at and thinking about the issue. In even rarer instances we make changes in the way we live because of such an influence.

Libertarian philosopher Tibor R. Machan spent a lifetime presenting just that kind of material, leading untold numbers of us to reconsider and readjust, on some level, the ethical foundation on which we stand and the very way we conduct our lives.

Tibor died suddenly last week, at age 77, and it is fitting that we pause now and once again reflect on the way we live our own lives, in light of his many valuable contributions.

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