Analyzing The Central Banks: Watch Free Video

by Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan Economics

The Central Banks have become the most powerful players in the global economy in recent years. Consequently, since its launch in 2013, Macro Watch has published a series of videos that analyze central bank policy. Please find them listed below, each with a brief description. Macro Watch subscribers may find this list helpful in indentifying videos they have missed.

For those who follow my blog, but who have not (yet?) subscribed to Macro Watch, please find here a free, direct link to a video called “Analyzing The Five Largest Central Bank”:

This video discusses the world’s five largest central banks (The PBOC, The Fed, The BOJ, The ECB & The BOE): 1. What they are doing; 2. What impact they are having; 3. What they are likely to do next, and; 4. How that could affect the financial markets. It was published in Q4 2014. No password is required. Just click and watch.

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