Four Reasons the Dow is Headed Toward 20,000 by the End of the Year

Critical intelligence before the U.S. market opens

by Shawn Langlois
Market Watch

While yet-to-be-named bankers, corporate bosses and — who knows? — presidential candidates chew their fingernails down to nubs, and the 99% fantasize about the potential of the “Panama Papers” (more on that below), traders are more focused on a stock market that, for now, seems to be bucking the odds.

“Let’s see what’s real,” says blogger NorthmanTrader, before launching into his head-scratching assessment of where things stand in this market.

He’s certainly not alone in his confusion. “Despite all the giddiness, I see a group of canaries in the coal mine here,” he wrote, “and they are singing a concerted song that’s taking on an ever more disturbing pitch.”

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