What the FBI Vs Apple Showdown is Really About

What this show is ultimately about is the spectacle itself… the fact still remains that there are ways to access this information without a purpose-built Apple master key…

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

If all you do is read the MSM then everything you think you know about the Apple / FBI case is 100% wrong. But you probably already knew that.

[…] You know how the FBI is implying that access to Syed Rizwaan Farook’s phone data is of ticking time-bomb Jack Bauer-esque importance to the future of the free world? Well, that’s a lie. In fact, the data is of no value whatsoever to the “investigation” into the San Bernardino Shooting (if that’s what this can even be called, given that everyone’s dead). It isn’t even his phone, anyway, but a work phone, and Apple already gave the FBI the data from the phone’s last backup, anyway.

And remember when the FBI swore that the case would set no legal precedent for the government to do the same type of thing in the future? Yup, that was a lie, too.

Oh, and you know how the FBI absolutely positively wanted this backdoor for only one phone in the history of the universe, and only because it’s super important for stopping those scary bearded terrorists (pinky swear)? Another lie.

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