We’ve Past Peak Oil & Silver – Payback Time? | Jason Burack

from Reluctant Preppers

If we are past peak oil, and under the cost of production for silver, what will happen as critical supply shortages encounter burgeoning physical demand? What can you do now to gain key insight so you can both flourish and reduce risk?

Jason Burack, investor, entrepreneur, financial historian, Austrian school Economist, contrarian, and co-founder of WallStForMainSt.com, visits ReluctantPreppers for the first time to explain the upside-down machinations which are buying time for the suppression of scarce commodities during this endgame of the US Dollar.

Currency swaps, market interventions, debt swaps, global currency devaluation, windfall taxes coming on gold and silver? The rules are going to be changing! Burack lays out how you can educate yourself to rise above the herd and see the signs ahead of the coming critical events that you need to prepare for now. Get ready for an eye-opening and information-packed deposit of unconventional wisdom – don’t miss it!

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