Two of the Worst Investments You Can Make Right Now: Facebook and China

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

New York Times … With ‘Smog Jog’ Through Beijing, Zuckerberg Stirs Debate on Air Pollution … Some noted he should have worn a face mask … Others simply took umbrage with where the photo was staged, at the heart of Tiananmen Square.“The floor you stepped has been covered by blood from students …” wrote a user named Cao Yuzhou. – New York Times

Mark Zuckerberg’s China trip turned surprisingly “hot.” There was a lot of local coverage regarding his recent jog, and some leaked into the Western mainstream media as well.

This reinforces a trend when it comes to Facebook coverage in the West. The mainstream media reports on Zuckerberg with a dutiful persistence based on his wealth and youth and doesn’t make much of a distinction as to what ought to be written about.

For instance, the media is as apt to cover his wife’s pregnancy and the breed of his pet dog as they are to report on his neighborhood real estate controversies.

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