Trump: Threatening Your Sovereignty

by Ted Bauman
The Sovereign Investor

As you are undoubtedly aware, I spent last week in the lovely Uruguayan seaside resort town of Punta del Este, where I was MC of our 2016 Offshore Investment Summit. Besides spending time in that lovely country and interacting with dozens of sovereign-minded attendees, I also enjoyed a week with my father, our own Bob Bauman.

As is usually the case, once we’d exhausted family talk, Dad and I got down to our favorite topic: U.S. politics. This year, of course, is the annus horribilis of old-school conservatives like him — a 60-year veteran of the Republican Party. Love him or hate him, everyone knows that the rise of Donald Trump signals the end of an era for the Grand Old Party.

But my dad has a unique ability to connect the dots. He mentioned something that hadn’t occurred to me — something that instantly increased the urgency of our mission to Uruguay…

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