The Brussels Attacks in Context

Nobody ever mentions the role and the strategic importance of Brussels! Brussels is extremely important in the transportation and in the distribution of heroin, but nobody would want to think about.

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

The investigation into the Brussels attacks is still underway. The real investigation, that is. The one in the alt media, not the one conducted by the “authorities” and conveyed by the MSM mouthpieces. The Corbett Report community’s own open source investigation is still underway, and so far this is what we’ve found:

[…] -Turkish President Erdogan warned of an attack on Brussels just four days before the blast occurred, naming the city as a specific target of jihadi terrorists and saying “The snakes you are sleeping with can bite you any time.”

-The men identified as the bombers were (as in case after case after case after case in recent years) known to authorities beforehand, with Brahim el-Bakraoui actually having been arrested in Turkey and deported to the Netherlands last year.

-A group known as the German Marshall Fund hosted a meeting of American and European officials earlier this month that also predicted an attack on Brussels. The GMF includes the usual gaggle of globalists on its board of trustees, including Marc Grossman, an ambassador to Turkey in the 1990s and a handler in the Turkish branch of Operation Gladio.

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